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Tyler Colwell has been a registered Professional Mechanical Engineer since 1993, and has over 30 years of engineering experience with commercial and industrial machinery and mission-critical HVAC systems -  Diagnosing their ailments, auditing their operational integrity, establishing preventative maintenance programs to extend their useful life, specifying their application, and investigating and determining their cause of failure.  He has taught hundreds of industrial and academic students his techiques and philosophies in industrial plant environments, corporate training centers, and university engineering classrooms.

Our broad range of experience in environments such as power plants, refineries, processing facilities, and data centers gives our clients confidence that they are getting an unmatched combination of quality engineering analysis coupled with a solid practical application background.   Critical HVAC systems, steam and gas turbines, pumps, compressors, expanders, generators, chillers, air handlers and more, there is practically nothing we have not analyzed.  

Engineering Analysis and Design Services

Industrial / Commercial Machines

HVAC Systems

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Finite Element Analysis
Static and Dynamic Systems

Mechanical and Thermal System Modelling and Prediction

Mechanical Design

Kinematic Systems

General Mechanical Failure Analysis

Expert Witness Services

Serving the legal community with expert witness analysis, event reconstruction, and testimony.

Our expert witness experience includes industrial and vehicle accident reconstruction, industrial HVAC system patent infringement consulting, structual analysis consulting, and more.  When you require an expert mechanical engineer with the experience to make the difference in the outcome of your case, we are ready.



Large data center cooling manufacturer patent infringement lawsuit - expert witness for plaintiff

Large Silicon Valley corporate data center cooling design

Major California Hospital data center cooling design

Street sweeper vs bicyclist injury lawsuit - expert witness for plaintiff

Automobile vs Tractor-Trailer accident visibility analysis - expert witness for plaintiff

Commercial HVAC maintenance analysis - expert witness for defendant

Construction site injury lawsuit - drywall stack collapse - expert witness for defendant

Construction material and deflection analysis - expert witness for defendant